The Spirit of Betty May is a one-woman stage & screen burlesque with a host of characters and a bounty of drama, song and dance.

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Celine Hispiche is a seasoned performer holding on to her spirited inspiration, Betty May – the darling of Soho a hundred years ago - only to discover that she must let her star fall to earth before she can spread her own wings and fly.

Then this here show comes along.
And it’s been a rocky ride, you better believe me,
But what I got is that that when I was asked,
“Do you like Betty May?”
It was like I was being asked, “Do I like me?”
And I had my doubts.
Believe you me.
I could forgive her for being who she was
– like her being a legend an’ all.
But me?
I was just one of us.
I couldn’t forgive me.

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